Party tresurer confirms Lib Dem council candidate Stephen Goldthorpe responsible for missing accounts for 2008

From: rICHARD LAWRIE [] Sent: 16 January 2010 15:23 To: (s) Thomas Sale Cc: Rebecca Trimnell; parl cand ‘Stuart Bonar’; LIBDEMMAX MAXKLIBDEM; ppc ‘Judy Evans’

Subject: RE:E.C. and acounts TO CLARIFY; in respons eto e mail re; accounts, electoral commission 1) Accurate accounts exost for many years; thy are missing for 2007 and 2008. 2) Steve Gildthorp was treasurer for 2008, NOT 2007; that year our former acting chair Steve Turner was treasurer. 3) The accounts have been inspected by the Electoral Commission; they were asked to investigate. The conclusions were that the accounts were incomplete. Their accuracy could not be determined.The E.C. had access to those responsible for the accounts. The E.C. decided that there was no case to answer.The E.C. interprets and acts upon the relevant legislation. 4) Unless someone provides new evidence, this issue is dead.I have other things to spend my time on. 5(can someone forward this to Stve Goldthorp? and can they send me his e mail address. Richard

======================================== Message Received: Jan 16 2010, 12:55 PM From: “(s) Thomas Sale” To: “Max” , “” , “” , “” , “” Cc:

Subject: Stephen Goldthorp

Dear executive members, I have been very concerned by the fact that Stephen is part of our executive committee. I would like to remind you all of what was disscussed at the AGM, regarding the accounts for the 2007 financial period. Stephen was the treasurer for that period, and the lack of information regarding the accounts caused a lot of tension amongst the members. Having read the constitution and also the Political Parties Elections, and Referendum Act 2000, I am now aware that the party is in breach of law regarding keeping accurate records of the accounts for a period of 6 years and making these accounts available to the electoral commision. To summarise Stephen Goldthorp is responsible for the missing accounts and I do not think it very wise to have him as a member of the executive whilst the accounts are investigated (decision of AGM) and we do not know whether he is implicated in anything worse. Therefore as an executive member I think it prudent that Stephen is temporarily suspended from the executive whilst the accounts are investigated, subject to the findings of the investigation. Regards,


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