Party suspends Max Harding after he goes to the police

From: (s) Thomas Sale Sent: 26 January 2010 17:57

To: Subject:

Dear Mr Browne, Thank you for your email of January 24th. Mr Harding informs me that he has not received any notice of suspension of his party membership, but was aware that on the eve of January 18th (the night before the regional and HQ party press release) someone had changed his membership details in the database to ‘former member’ and to (SUS) which I imagine would mean suspension. Mr Harding would like to know why this was done, who did it and if he is indeed suspended, what are the reasons. Bearing in mind that Mr Harding approached the police with his concerns about being threatened by party members before that. Mr Harding also informs me that the Electoral Commission have told him that they were not informed of the missing money allegation and so did not include that issue in their case review. This would imply that the Party’s statement to the press on the 19th of January is untrue. I would be grateful if you could clarify. Regards, Tom


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